Keep It Short
Get right to the point. Keep your promotions brief. Keep them bouncy. Pack them with benefits.

Dig Deep
Do your homework. Be sure you know what’s unique about your product. Find out what your competition is offering today and what they’re planning tomorrow. Keep digging until you find the “differentiator” that exists even in parity products. Then show how your product can do it better, faster, cheaper, easier, sexier or smarter. As copy guru Rosser Reeves once put it, “A gifted product is even mightier than a gifted pen.” Your job is to find the “gift,” a.k.a. “the hook” that will guide your reader directly to the order form.

Know Your Audience
Who’s going to buy your product? What are their fears? Who do they envy? What do they hope for? What are their dreams? Try to get into their heads and know how they think. Then you can demonstrate how your product can put their fears to rest and bring them once step closer to realizing their dreams. In most cases people aren’t buying products. They’re buying solutions.

Be A Show Off
Don’t be modest. Dive right into what makes you or your product a superstar. Expose the shortcomings of your competition. Be crystal clear about what makes you the best of the best.

Use Words That Paint A Picture
Your job is to seduce your readers. Give them a reason to ride the coattails of your enthusiasm. Make them see why they can’t live another day without your product or service. Use descriptive words that let them feel the passion. Taste the excitement. And revel in the idea of owning what you have to sell.